The WTBA has mandates regarding bowling equipment used in officially sanctioned events.

  • Standard bowling balls will have a maximum diameter of 22cm, a circumference of 69cm and a weight of between 8lb (3.7kg) and 16lb (7.3kg).
  • The weight of balls is usually measured in pounds. Most alleys stock 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 14lb and 16lb bowling balls.
  • Regulation pins will stand 38cm tall with a maximum diameter of 12cm at their widest point. Pins must weigh no less than 1.5kg and more than 1.7kg.
  • Pins will be set into four rows forming an equilateral triangle formation (as shown in the above diagram), with the 1-pin at the front of the rack, facing the player. They are placed automatically by a pin setter machine before each roll and are spaced 30cm apart.
  • Pins must bear a stamp of approval from either the BTBA, USBC or the World Indoor Bowls Council (WIBC).
  • The lane is made of hardwoods such as maple or synthetic materials like polyurethane and must be 106cm wide and 19m long. The width of the lane is made up of 39 smaller boards, with the head-pin standing on board 20.
  • Generally the lane will be coated with 18ml of protective conditioner, known as “oil”, although Professional Bowlers’ Association (PBA) events use 30ml. See “Lane Conditions” for more information.